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15: Hallways:     No smoking allowed in your suite,hallways or public areas including near outside doors. Children are not allowed to play in the hallways or to be unattended or unsupervised in the building. no yelling or screaming at any time in hallways.

16: Pets:     Pets are not allowed in the building at any time. Visitors with pets must leave their pets outside, tenants who fail to comply may be given notice to vacate and / or be fined $100.00

17: Garbage :     All garbage must be put into plastic bags, tied securely and placed in the containers provided. Please call 311 to have unwanted furniture, appliances or mattresses picked up.

18: Washer, Dryer and Dishwashers     Tenants have access to the laundry room, please keep the laundry room door locked at all times. Washers,dryers and unauthorized dishwashers are not allowed in suites. Tenants will be charged $100.00 for any breach of this policy.

19: Defrosting Fridges:     To properly clean your fridge, turn it off and leave the door open until your freezer is thawed and ready for cleaning. When defrosting your refrigerator do not use hot water, knives or a kettle. Any damages due to improperly thawing or cleaning your refrigerator is the tenants responsibility and charges for repair will be paid by tenant.

20: Stove:     Excess grease in ovens could cause enough smoke to activate the smoke detectors. Use caustion when cooking and keeping your stove clean.

21: Drains:     Never pour draino, grease or oil in the sinks or toilet. Do not flush paper, paper towels or sanitary hygiene products in the toilet. Tenants will be charged for the cost of any repairs required to damaged drains and / or toilet due to improper use.

22: Fixtures & Fuses:     Tenants are responsible for replacing all fuses and light bulbs in fixtures.

23: Windows and Screens:     Do not remove screens or windows from their frame, report any broken windows or screens.

24: General Rules :      Please wipe your feet upon entering the building and ensure that the door locks behind you, this is for your own security.

25: Vehicles / Assigned Parking:     You must register your vehicle with the landlord before moving into your unit. You will then be assigned a parking stall which will be used and maintained by you. Tenants must notify the landlord of any changes of vehicle. Unregistered and derelict vehicles will be considered abandoned and will be towed at the tenants expense. A power source could be provided at an extra charge and would be for your block heater only.

26: Bicycles:     Bicycles are not permitted in units. Tenants must notify the landlord if bicycle storage is required.

27: Lease Renewal:     The landlord will give  you a lease renewal form 3 months before the end of your current lease. If you wish to continue renting your unit beyond the end of your current lease period, you must return the signed lease renewal form to the landlord within 30 days. Failure to do so allows the landlord the right to show and rent the unit.

28: Assignments & Subletting:     Tenants must get permission from the landlord to sublet the unit to a new tenant, it is the tenants responsibility to find a new tenant if the lease or tenancy agreement is in effect. The tenant shall obtain an application form from the landlord . $75.00 application fee is paid to the landlord at the time of submitting the application, it is not refundable if the applicant fails to meet the landlords requirements. The tenant shall advertise/show the unit at their own expense.

Discounts are not transferable in case of sublet. The applicant will be required to pay one full months rent and a full damage deposit at the time of signing. The tenant must contact the landlord to arrange for a time to sign appropriate documents. 

29: Vacating the Premises:     You must give the landlord notice to vacate your unit, your unit must be in the same condition as when you moved in. When  you give your notice the landlord will give you a move out package to avoid any miscommunications at the time of your move out.

30:  Submitting your notice to Vacate:      Your landlord has the right to enter your suite to show it to prospective tenants once the tenant gives or is given notice to end the tenancy. Your landlord will attempt to give you a notice when entering your suite to a prospective tenant, however the landlord legally has the right to enter the premises without giving any notice at all.

31: Information Updates:    You must fully complete and give all information requested on the tenants information update sheet which is done on an annual basis.