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12: Locks, Lock-Out or Lost Keys

Lock must not be changed without prior written approval of the landlord. Request to change or add locks must be submitted in writing with the applicable cost of $50 per request.

Only registered tenants may have keys, at no time should you give your keys to anyone. If keys are lost call the office to have someone unlock your door. A charge of $25 may apply and must be paid  for this service.  An additional charge of $40 will be charged to replace lost keys. If  you wish to have your name on the security system changed there will be a fee of $30. Report lost keys, do not tamper with the mail box.  If you are locked out you are not to knock on the windows of other tenants as it its  your responsibility to contact management in order to rectify the situation.

13: Visitors and Guests

At no time shall the tenant permit a visitor to stay for a period longer than 5 days without the written permission of the landlord. Should this occur, the visitor will be evicted. The tenant will be charged $100 for each occurrence. The tenant may also be evicted at the discretion of the landlord. Tenants are responsible for the actions of their visitors as well as any damage that may be caused by their visitors. 

14: Additional Tenants

It is the tenants responsibility to apply in writing to management for any additional tenants requesting to cohabit, share shelter and services provided by the landlord. Management has the right to approve or not any new tenants in your unit. Management may charge a fee of $75 to add a tenant to an existing lease.

Bachelor suite not to exceed 1 person, One Bedroom not to exceed 2 people, 2 bedrooms not to exceed 3 people.

15: Hallways

No smoking allowed in your suite, hallways or public areas. Children are not to play in the hallways or be left unattended in the building. You are not to hang your clothes or personal materials in the common areas both inside and outside the building.  Any and all welcome mats must be inside your door and not in the hallways.

16: Pets

Pets are not allowed in the building at any time. Visitors with pets must leave their pets outside, tenants who fail to comply may be given notice to vacate and fined up to $100]

17: Garbage

All garbage must be put into plastic bags, tied and placed in bins provided. Call 311 to have large items picked up

18: Defrosting Fridge

To properly clean your fridge, turn it off and leave the door open until the freezer is thawed and ready for cleaning. When defrosting the fridge do not use hot water, knives or a kettle. Any damages due to improperly thawing or cleaning the fridge is the tenants responsibility and charges for repair will be paid by tenant

19: Stove

Excessive grease in ovens could cause enough smoke to activate the smoke detectors. Use caution when cooking and keeping your stove clean.

20: Fixutres and Fuses

Tenants are responsible to replace fuses and light bulbs.  In case of non-functional light or power receptacle you are to first replace the fuse / light bulb before contacting management.

21: Windows and Screens

Do not remove screens or windows from their frames. Report any broken windows or screens

22: General Rules

Please wipe your feet upon entering the building and ensure the door locks behind  you.


You must register your vehicle with management before moving into your unit. You will be assigned a stall which will be used and maintained by you . tenants must notify management of any changes of vehicle. Unregistered and derelict vehicles will be towed at the owners expense. The power source provided is for block heaters only.

24: Bicycles

Bicycles are not permitted in the units, you must notify management if storage is required.