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25:Lease Renewal

The landlord will give you a renewal form 3 months before the end of  your lease. If you wish to renew you must return the signed lease to management within 30 days . Failure to do so allows management to show and rent the unit. 

26: Assignment and Sublet

-Tenants must get permission from the landlord to sublet the unit to a new tenants. It is the tenants responsibility to find a new tenant if the lease or agreement is in effect. You shall obtain application forms from management.  $75 application fee is paid to the landlord at the time of submitting applications. It is non refundable if the applicant fails to meet the requirements.  The tenant shall advertise and show the unit at their own time and expense. 

-Discounts are not transferable in the case of sublet / assignment.

-The applicant will be required to pay on full months rent and damage deposit at time of signing.

-The tenant must contact management to arrange for a time to sign appropriate documents

-You must advise if you are subletting or assigning the apartment.

27: Vacating the Premises

You must give management notice to vacate the unit. The unit must be in the same condition as when you moved in. When y ou give your notice management will give you a move-out package to avoid any miscommunication  at the time of the move out

28: Information updates

You must complete all requested information on the information update sheet which is given annually.

29: Mechanical Rooms:

The use of the mechanical room is solely for management. You are not to store materials in this area unless  you have been given permission by management.

30: Laundry Rooms:

You are responsible to ensure that  you do not overload the washer or dryer. Tneants will be held accountable for any damages caused by overloading. 

31: Annual Inspections:

Management will preform annual inspections of the suites in order to ensure that no unreported damage has occurred.