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Please note that applicants may be subject to a criminal record check

House Rules and Regulations

1: Rent: Cheques are made payable to G.Leclair

Rent is due on the first day of each month, post dated cheques for the 12 month period are preferred. Rent cheques or money orders are to be deposited in the lock box located in the laundry room, you must notify you landlord in advance if you wish to pay cash.

2: Late Payments:     All late rent payments will be charged a rate of $10.00 plus $2.00 per day until full rent is paid for each occurrence. Maximum charge will be $100.00 for each occurrence. If arrears and late fees are not paid in full by the due date the tenant may be served with an eviction notice.

3: NSF Charges:     A fee of $60.00 for service and handling will be charged to the tenant for any NSF cheques

4: Year end receipts :     may be issued upon request for a fee of $25.00

5: Personal Insurance:   Tenants must insure their own personal belongings. The tenant shall carry public liability insurance, a copy of waterbed insurance (if applicable) must be provided to the landlord. The tenant is responsible for cost to repair any damages caused by waterbeds. It is mandatory for tenants to obtain renters insurance,  "Ruban Insurance " would provide insurance at a reasonable rate and may be reached at 204-988-5000/

6: Maintenance Work Requests:     If repairs are needed in your unit you must report immediately to your landlord by telephone or by completing the maintenance work request form and putting it in the lock box. It is the tenant's responsibility to immediately report any damages to the landlord including but not limited to leaking toilets, faucets, electrical problems, heating problems as well as any bug issues. Tenants will be responsible for damages caused by any unreported items indicated above. Any plumbing problems occurring from clogged drains in your unit are your responsibility. It is also your responsibility to keep the apartment clean including shampooing carpets when dirty.

7:Improvements:     No suite or building maintenance shall be preformed by the tenants without written authorization from the landlord. This includes painting, wallpapering or decorating the walls or floors.

8: Damages :     Do not use tape, nails, screws etc on the walls or ceilings. Keep furniture away from walls to avoid damaging the walls. Also use casters under all furniture to avoid damage to carpet and floor tiles.

9: Smoke Detectors:     The smoke detector in your unit is for your safety. Do not at any time tamper with or remove the batteries from any detector. Check your smoke / heat detector weekly and notify the landlord immediately if it is not functioning. In the even of a fire alarm immediately leave the building by nearest exit. Call 011 but do not return to your unit until the alarm bells have stopped and your are told it is safe to re-enter the building.

10: Utilities:     In units where utilities are individually metered, the tenant is responsible to pay for utilities. Failure to pay them could lead to disconnection of service. The tenant is responsible for notifying the proper utility companies when moving in or out. Utility bill must be paid in full when moving out.

11: Disturbances:    Should a disturbance occur, involving violence of any nature or a break in, the police must be notified immediately. Other incidences of nuisance and /or disturbances should be reported to your landlord and/or caretaker. Written complaints should be directed to the property manager.

12: Locks, Lock out or lost keys:     Locks must not be changed without prior written approval of the landlord, request to change or add locks must be submitted in writing with the applicable cost of $50 per request. Only registered tenants may have keys, at no time should you hand your keys to anyone. If keys are lost call immediately to have someone un-lock your door. A charge of $50 will apply and must be paid immediately for this service. And additional charge of $40.00 will be charged to replace lost keys. If you wish to have your name on the door security system there will be a fee of $30. Report lost keys, do not tamper with the mail box

13: Visitors and Guests:     At no time shall a tenant permit a visitor to stay for a period longer than 5 days without the written permission of the landlord. Should this occur, the visitor will be evicted. The tenant will be charged $100.00 for every occurrence. The tenant may also be evicted at the discretion of the landlord. Tenants are responsible for the actions of their visitors.

14: Additional Tenants:     It is the tenant's responsibility to apply in writing to the landlord for any additional prospective tenants requesting to cohabit,share shelter and services provided by the landlord. the landlord has the right to approve or deny any new tenants in your unit, and will charge a fee of $75.00 to add a tenant to an existing lease

Bachelor : not to exceed one person

1 Bedroom : not to exceed two people

2 Bedroom : not to exceed three people